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Hot Summer Romance At A Laid Back Price, #6


Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

The noises became louder and louder as Madeleine approached, panting at the challenging terrain. She had to hack her way through the thick brush with a machete nearly the size of her arm. The air was hot and heavy, making it tough to draw a good breath. Sweat dripped down her forehead from her wet, black hair, traversing the expanse of her cheek and gathering on her chin before dropping down to her heaving breasts.

They jiggled, naked, covered with light scratches from the razor edges of plants she'd only ever seen in illustrations and fossils.

Why she'd come hiking in the jungle with nothing but a machete and a pair of boots was beyond Madeleine's comprehension. The only thing she could think of was those sounds — trumpeting, sighs and growls, roars that had a strange edge to them.

Noises she had never heard before.

The friction between her legs was almost unbearable. It felt like she'd been walking for hours, the rubbing of her thighs stimulating her pussy. She suspected the wetness down there was much more than sweat.

The sounds were so loud that they scared her. Madeleine stopped just short of some low-lying palm fronds that masked a clearing ahead. She could see movement beyond the foliage, what sounded like whole trees snapping.

If there were any other sounds in the jungle, they had all stopped to listen to this absolute spectacle.

Her tired muscles bunched and shaking, Madeleine carefully parted the palms and feasted her eyes on a sight that no living being had ever witnessed.

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