The Toy Room

Copyright 2014 by Vincent Geyta

Smashwords Edition


Part 1 - In a World of Gods

Boredom sucks.

I am one of the most badass human women in Los Angeles. I make enough money from bounties and rewards to only have to complain if I consider a Jacuzzi to be a baseline home appliance ; which I don't. I just kicked ten wannabe gangsters into submission today. What the hell else must I do to avoid being friggin' BORED ?!

Ahem, hi. I'm Iris Palmer, female vigilante. Not the spandex kind, although those kind of attention-craved jackoffs do fuck up the place. No superpowers for me, just a sixth Dan black belt, dedication and some serious intolerance to taking your shit. Physically, well, I'm an athlete but of the lightweight category. I'm small, but lean, mean and I have a hell of a sting. But in this world of superheroes, being a near-perfect fighter just doesn't cut it. Nobody watches martial arts tournaments now that they can get a blockbuster action scene just by watching the news. So I'm left with hunting criminals too small to earn the metahumans' notice. Which leaves, unfortunately, still a shitload of dickheads.

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