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The Transformational Worship Team

By Brian Frame

Copyright 2014 Brian Frame

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Missionally Focused

Intentionally Excellent

Inclusively Designed

Biblically Based

Personally Dedicated

Relationally Motivated

Structurally Oriented

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Imagine this. It’s Monday morning and you just survived another week of worship. These days that’s what you consider success. You sit down at your desk and you reflect on the weekend. Your guitarist showed up late for rehearsal and didn’t even bother practicing the new song you had planned. In the middle of worship, your drummer felt “led by the spirit” and decided to add a drum solo in the middle of a song. Your congregation seemed unengaged during worship. They don’t seem to get what you are trying to do. You might be asking yourself something like, “Why is it that when Chris Tomlin takes the stage and leads How Great is Our God everyone raises their hands and sings loudly to God but when I do it, no one does anything?” Maybe you’re wondering why your team is struggling so much to get anywhere. You’re tired of mediocre. Perhaps you are even wondering if you should quit. If this is you, don’t give up yet. There is hope.

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