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His White Chocolate


Susan Hart

Copyright 2015 Susan Hart

Synopsis: His White Chocolate, is about a woman recently broken up with her boyfriend, who goes to the local package delivery service to see where some overdue books are, and there meets the incredibly handsome security guard at the warehouse door.

Erica wasn’t sure how she had ended up with James. It was a mystery, especially because she had no inclination to ever be with a man at all, not after what had happened.

The thing was, Erica rarely went out with the intention of finding a man. Nearly all of her girlfriends did, but that just wasn’t her.

Come on, girl,” Fran would urge as they perched on the edge of a couch at the club. “Get back on the horse and ride it! That’s going to be the only way of getting over Dante.”

Dante. Erica could go for the rest of her life without wanting to hear that name again. He’d broken her heart when he cheated on her, and she hadn’t wanted to so much as look at another man since.

She’d told her girlfriends as much, but they still insisted on dragging her out weekend after weekend. The most embarrassing part was that they would seek out men and bring them back to Erica to see if she’d give any of them a chance.

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