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Her lips curved into a sultry smile and her lids were heavy with passion as she looked up into her lover’s face. She reached up and twisted a lock of dark red hair around her finger.

I love it,” she said huskily. “It makes me feel so dirty.”

Her eyes drifted closed as two black-gloved hands came up to cup her face. Her lover leaned forward and long fiery hair dropped down like a curtain to conceal them both.

I could hear the soft wet sounds of their lips as they kissed and then her partner leaned back and I saw Lisa again. Her expression was one of dreamy desire as the gloved hands of her lover slid down to her throat. Lisa tipped her head back to let the long fingers stroke the pale skin of her neck.

When the fingers wound around Lisa’s throat and began to squeeze, she grinned as if she was enjoying an inside joke. But when they continued to tighten, Lisa’s smile began to waver. It faded completely when the creak of stretching glove leather broke the silence. The hands sunk deeper and deeper into her flesh, squeezing tighter and tighter, and Lisa’s sober expression quickly turned to a mask of terror.

Her face reddened as she struggled to breathe. To no avail, Lisa’s fingers clawed at the hands squeezing her airway shut. She opened her mouth to scream, but it was nothing more than a hoarse croak that barely stirred the stillness. Her lips worked themselves open and closed in several futile attempts to breathe.

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