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Maybe she should have omitted ‘a little’.

She wasn’t quite a Lady, just the daughter of a Lord. But her blog took the title, and so would she one day. That much at least he had no control over. Since her mother had passed away, he’d become increasingly distant. Now he had consigned her to the cottage on the estate and barely attempted to communicate with her.

He was more interested in bedding his latest lover.

She rose to her feet and wafted across to the antique wardrobe. It was called the cottage, but in actuality it was an eight-bedroom country manor house, complete with a pool and three members of staff. And the stately furniture that adorned each room was worth more than the ‘cottage’ itself.

Still, it felt pokey in comparison to the giant hall up the hill. He could fill it with his lovers for all she cared.

Her fingers danced across the material as the hangers swung gently beneath her touch. She picked the one she wanted and tossed it over to the bed, then stepped back to the laptop.

It was sitting on her Georgian dresser and looked completely out of place. Her status update had already garnered a response. It was from Leah. She’d been visiting her site since she started it, and her reply simply said, “Me too.”

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