Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of Torture Volume 2

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

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ISBN: 978-1499500073

Chapter 1. Not So Mr. Tough Guy

The machismo in men has always been a fascination of mine. They tend to try to portray their toughness and roughness to us women, but when it really comes down to it, they are just overgrown babies when it comes to pain.

Take my husband, Roy, for instance. When I was in the hospital in labor with our only son, I wanted a natural childbirth, no meds, nothing. Roy was in the room with me, the minute he saw the blood coming from my vagina when our son was being born, PLOP! Right onto the floor. I was the one in pain, yet he was the one who passed out! And he was supposed to be my labor coach!

Of course, I teased him about it for years to come after that. One night, we were watching a television show and we got into the discussion of the difference between men and women and their pain endurance. Roy went on and on about how men are built to take pain, go to war, defend their families and country… yada, yada, yada.

To call him on his bluff, I brought up an idea. “Why don’t we test that pain theory that you keep insisting and persisting upon?” I said to him.

“Okay, you have yourself a deal. I bet I can take anything you give me. And when I do, you will never bring up the labor room incident again in front of me or anyone else, agreed?” He said with a smug smile.

“You have yourself a deal!” I said grinning.

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