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Tea Blends

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Over the centuries, many Oriental countries have known the secrets of tea. They drank it for pleasure, as well as for the healing properties some teas offered. As travel has become easier the wonderfully rich flavors of tea became more familiar around the world. Today, tea has become a worldwide sensation. With tastes ranging from the slightly bitter, Black tea, to a lighter sweeter, White tea. No matter where your tastes run you’ll be sure to find something for your every mood. From hot, to cold, to iced, there is a tea for everyone. Here are fifty of my favorite tea blends. Drink up and enjoy!


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Herbal Tea Blends 5

Herbal Tea Blends 5

1.Apple Green Tea 6

2.Immune Boosting Herbal Tea 7

3.Masala Herbal Chai 8

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