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What readers and reviewers are saying about Time Enough to Die

Time Enough to Die is a wonderful piece of entertainment with a great truth at its core. Carl’s skill at bringing her characters to life, those sympathetic and those just pathetic, is remarkable. She is a writer of great complexity and charm.—Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels.

Time Enough to Die is a delightfully written and well-constructed murder story, set in the present day against a backdrop of Roman Britain and Druid rites, with a pleasingly accurate use of colloquial English! Boudicca---or as I knew her Boadicea---rides again.—Anne Perry, author of the Thomas Pitt and William Monk detective novels.

Once again, Lillian Stewart Carl takes history and archeology and crafts them into a satisfying tale sure to please fans of all mystery persuasions. Time Enough to Die provides readers with absorbing characters, richly detailed descriptions of the dig and its environs, and, finally, a rousing good puzzle that will keep readers guessing whodunit till almost the end of the book. I highly recommend this book to not only fans of paranormal mysteries, but to anyone who enjoys a well thought out and written novel.—Teri Smith, Crescent Blues Book Reviews

Take a town in England, interesting history, the spirits of a Roman couple and a Celtic woman, a hint of romance, the threat of death, a suspenseful conclusion, mix them together and you have a very good read. I appreciated that neither the romance nor the parapsychology overwhelmed the basic investigation of a murder and thefts. The characters were human and fallible. I’d say this is one of Carl’s best books.—L.J. Roberts, Mystery*File On-line

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