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This novel is fiction - in real life practice safe sex.

The Locked Cupboard

'Good morning, sir,' said Charlotte in a posh English accent.

Sir James glanced up from his morning newspaper and acknowledged Charlotte with his hand as he walked past.

'How rude,' mumbled Charlotte under her breath. Sir James was the sort of man she had grown to detest. Although Charlotte was a domestic, she was by no means a lower class girl. She had been brought up with a silver spoon, and frequently travelled to New York during school holidays to visit her father, a successful financial broker, who would take her on lavish shopping trips along Fifth Avenue and to many of the fine museums and galleries that adorned Central Park. That was all a far cry to her current life. The 1929 depression had hit her family hard. Her father, in order to conserve money, sold many of his possessions in London, including the family home. Poor Charlotte had to endure boarding school for two years, as she finished her studies and preparation for University. Her father wanted her so very much to meet someone at Oxford, who had the financial means to look after his daughter properly. However, Charlotte did not fancy any of the snobbish boys there and would much rather spend her holidays working than snuggling up for the summer. So instead of travelling to the South of France, like many of her University friends, she sought to find work to help pay for her tuition.

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