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Following the recent tragic deaths of his parents and his twin sister in a car crash, Danny O’Brien had changed. He had gone from being a normal cheerful type of boy to one who was quiet, morose even, keeping himself very much to himself. His friends from before the accident now tended to give him a wide berth, especially since he had become sullen and made no secret of his desire for solitude. He still missed his sister terribly; it was as though a half of him had suddenly been eviscerated making him feel less than whole. He doubted the emptiness inside of him could ever be filled.

Physically he wasn’t much different from any other average, twelve-year old, still going through the pains of growth, yet to develop his own sense of identity, and subject to the hormonal mood swings that characterise his age group. He was on the slim side for his age, - although that would no doubt change, as he got older, - and his dark hair, framing his equally dark eyes, always seemed to be an unruly mess. What made Danny different from his peers were his sense of loss and the terrible feeling of sadness that never seemed to leave him, even though a part of him sensed that Katie, his sister, was still with him.

He tried hard not to think about his parents; it was difficult enough for him to cope with the loss of his twin without adding their tragic deaths to his grieving. It was fate that had caused him to miss being a passenger in the car that day. The family had planned a day-out at Alton Towers, to celebrate the twins birthdays, only Danny hadn’t made it – he had come down with one of those mysterious bugs. When his parents agreed to delay the trip for another time he had insisted they go, assuring them he would be fine with his grandmother. But they never came back. Later that day they were involved in a multiple pile-up on the M6 Motorway in Staffordshire, in which six people, including his family, were killed outright. Poor Katie died on the way to hospital making her the seventh fatality.

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