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Desperate Measures

~B.J. Scott~

A Beau to Beau Erotic Story

Copyright 2011-02-24: Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved


Included in: Desperate Measures

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Desperate Measures



Kicked out by yet another girlfriend, Jason desperately needs a place to stay. Not wanting to hear another lecture from his best friend, Jason cruises a bar where no one knows him. Hoping to find a kind older gentleman to let him crash at his place for awhile, Jason encounters something that he is not expecting, something that he fears may lead him into danger.

Desperate Measures:

Jason and Randy had been good friends for longer than either could remember. They were straight best friends, though many who saw them together would have sworn that there was something there, just a little spark between them. But Jason and Randy were never like that. They didn’t see that in each other. Not once during their many times together had they even considered doing anything sexual. Back when the two of them were fresh out of high school, any gay bar would have welcomed them gladly. They were the hottest looking guys, and back then they would have been the hottest twinks for some hungry sugar daddies. Whenever Jason and Randy were seen together, the moment they walked into a club or bar everyone stared, men, women, it didn’t matter. The grown men would drool over the two hot young guys. But Jason and Randy were not interested in men. Jason and Randy were straight.

Now Jason and Randy were a few years older, had put on a few pounds, and had stopped getting anything waxed. These two friends had a lot in common, but one thing could be seen by anyone who looked at them. They were hairy. Their chests were hairy, their backs were hairy, their balls were hairy, and their asses were even hairier. They didn’t care. They looked good. The abundance of hair looked good on these two hot guys. They looked manly, and the scent their hairy bodies gave off was all man.

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