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The hair on Jason and Randy was dark, so it could not be missed. When they thought about it, they couldn’t believe they had once been bottle blondes, or that they had waxed everything that had even a speck of hair on it, hoping to impress some woman.

“Shit, we look better just letting it all go,” Jason admitted.

“Yeah, but we were kids then. What did we know?” Randy agreed.

Sure, the two best friends were no longer twinks, and they didn’t exactly work a room full of men into an erotic frenzy like they had easily done in years past, but they still looked good enough to score, every time. But Jason and Randy scored with the ladies, even though they knew that the men were eyeing them, too.

“Ever thought of giving into one of those guys, Jason? You know they want us.”

“Naw, I’m a ladies’ man, Randy.”

But somewhere deep inside, both Jason and Randy had thought about giving into one of their many male admirers. But neither friend would ever admit that to the other, not ever.

Randy had been the first to stop adding the blonde highlights to his dark hair, and Jason had soon followed, and they had made the decision to stop waxing soon after that.

“We were beginning to look like skunks, with our black and white streaks,” Jason commented. “Now we are just hot.”

The two best friends were not twenty years old any longer, but they were not past their prime yet, either. With plenty of good years ahead of them, the two had filled out nicely, with big beefy cocks, big hairy balls, and butts with plenty of firm flesh for some lucky lady to grab onto.

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