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Alfred D. Byrd

Copyright 2011 Alfred D. Byrd

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An earlier version of "Wesle's Tale" appeared in Starward Bound, 1990


An Epic of UFO's in Anglo-Saxon Times

LISTEN and learn, my ladies and lords,
As I herald heroes in a happier time,
In an age when England still owned her freedom,
Ere the Normans' noose had netted our necks.
Peace had appeared, for the pitiless Vikings,
Who, raiding for rapine, had ravaged our lands,
Had been hastened homeward by a host of our heroes;
And feasts for our warriors, rewarding their fierceness,
Were happily held in our halls and homesteads.

In that month, on the moors, a manor was brightened
By the flare of torches and the flames of ovens
As a warlord returned from the tumult of weapons
Was going to be given the guerdon of triumph:
To marry a maiden, the manor-lord's daughter.

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