Chapters 1-30

An Internet Serial

by Robert Arthur Smith

THE DUCKS OF DOOM was a 2002 Independent e-Books finalist.

Copyright 2000-2005,

Robert Arthur Smith,

All rights reserved.

Chapter 1: Femme Fatale

Some people think ducks spend all of their time floating around in ponds, quacking at the neighbors and drinking lime fizzers.

This might be true on other planets, but not on Tockworld.

Things are different on Tockworld, a world that sprang into existence when an alien opened the wrong door in the Grand Imperial Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, ducks, being extremely clever at disguise and subterfuge, have invented decoys.

Decoys look just like ducks, but they aren't. They're bits of painted wood. They were designed to float around in ponds all day, fooling humans, while the real ducks took over the world and began running large corporations.

People in the know can always tell the difference between a duck and a decoy. Real ducks have feet.

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