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Mail Order Bride: Defending Her Arizona Rancher


Tara McGinnis

Copyright 2014 Tara McGinnis

Smashwords Edition

March 09, 1882

Manchester England, Bright Beam Estate

Lexie Kessell pulled a long red curl of her hair behind her ear and smiled as Thunderclap galloped across fertile farm pasture. The black stallion circled running faster along the wooden fence until he returned where Lexie and Lexie's childhood girlfriend, Syndee watched; each young woman had placed one black granny boot foot on the lowest wooden rail.

Lexie's black suede riding pants tapered into her thin hourglass figure of her white blouse. Syndee's hunter green riding pants snapped a-crossed her boyish hips over her white blouse. Both women wore brown deerskin riding gloves.

Thunderclap returned, moving into a slower trot as he approached. He lashed his shiny black tail out at the girls. Syndee jumped back slightly unnerved. Thunderclap snorted loudly and rose up on his high legs facing away into the farm fields as Lexie waved at his friendly antics.

"He's just being playful Syndee." Thunderclap took off again, galloping at rapid pace. Lexie brushed a few grass blades off her faint red eyebrows. Lexie believed in considering her opportunities. She didn't label this courage. She considered whether something was feasible, practical, and doable. Then, Lexie did them. Things had a way of working out for her one way or another.

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