Restrain Yourself


Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

Joe returned home after dropping his son off at daycare and was surprised to see the lump in the blankets in his wife’s place in bed. He stood stunned beside the bed, staring at the curves of the body sleeping there. His wife was usually at work by now. Joe hadn’t noticed Emily’s car in the street as he’d pulled up but then again there were always so many cars parked on the road in their neighborhood that he could have very easily driven right past it without a second thought.

Joe, of course, knew better than to wake his wife, especially on one of the rare occasions that she’d be taking a day off from work. Instead, Joe slipped out of his clothes and into the bed, looking forward to get whatever extra sleep he could.

He drifted off in an instant but soon woke to the feeling of a woman’s tender touch beneath the blankets. Even from just the sensation of soft, slender fingers grazing their way playfully up the outside of his leg, Joe could tell that something was strange. The woman’s body pressed against him from behind. He could feel her hard nipples and her small, perky breasts mashed against his strong back and new that this woman was not his wife.

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