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A must for Salespeople and anyone who meets and greets for a living


ways to make people like you!!

Copyright 2011 Michael F. McDougall.

During the course of your life you will come across thousands of people. Many of them will be strangers that you pass by and never see again. Do you think that they will remember you? Probably about as much as you will remember them.

How you remember them is directly proportional to the “feeling” that you got from them. I can still remember people from years ago that invoked a strong feeling, both positively and negatively. I am sure that you can as well.

One of the things that remain with us for years is that certain “FEELING” that we had when dealing with someone, whether it was a fellow passenger on a bus or a salesperson in a store. The bad feelings can easily be transferred onto others for just having the same look or name. The good feelings do the same thing.

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