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T. Duren Jones gets out into the wilderness as often as possible—camping, fishing, hiking, desert trail trekking and “bagging” peaks—and does he have stories to tell! He’s hiked hundreds of trails, completed the nearly 500 miles of the Colorado Trail, and has summited all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-ft. peaks. He loves the outdoors—and check-off lists. He’s kinda crazy that way.

He’ll often drag friends and family on his wilderness quests...and most of them have survived his escapades. Tales from the Trails—part adventure journal, part travelogue, part motivational encouragement, part stand-up comedy—includes 26 mostly-true outdoor stories from trails and climbs around the American West.

This book is for anyone who loves spending time in the outdoors, who wish they could be outdoors more, or who simply enjoy reading about other nuts who spend time outdoors.


Mostly true stories of changed lives (and socks) in the wilderness of the West, featuring those who survived the author’s adventures

T. Duren Jones

Foreword by Kevin J. Anderson

Smashwords Edition – 2014

WordFire Press

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