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Rigel Ailur

Published by Bluetrix Books, Smashwords Edition

© 2011 by the author

Copyrighted material. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce in part or in whole without the express prior written consent of the author.

All characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.


I refused to let him die. Ignoring the jungle around us, we sat nose to nose and glowered at each other. Well, I was sitting—on my haunches. My feline friend Fleetfoot was reclining, his head resting on his paws. Which put our eyes just about at the same level.

He growled deep in his throat and blinked his pale blue eyes a few times. Then he lifted his head and let out a full-blown roar that made my very bones tremble. It took all my effort not to slam my hands over my ears.

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