The Purple Hills

by Rigel Ailur

Published by Bluetrix Books, Smashwords Edition

© 2011 by the author

Copyrighted material. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce in part or in whole without the express prior written consent of the author.

All characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

The Purple Hills

Flames bursting forth through rock then ice, turning ice and snow to steam and shooting miles into the sky. Stone turning to foam and fountaining high into the air. A subterranean ocean of lava exploding forth, obliterating arctic plains and mountains alike. Fiery boulders the size of small mountains soaring through the air. The sky turning black with ash and smoke.

Vast tracts across several continents bursting into flame from magma rain. Devastating tsunami surging southward from the pole. More gradual, yet ultimately more annihilating, the ice cap melting. Clouds of soot obliterating the sun and choking the air. The darkness of a volcanic night covering the world, combining with fire and flood to kill all but the hardiest, most tenacious creatures in the world.

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