In That Number

By Brad OH Inc.

Copyright 2013 Brad OH Inc.

Smashwords Edition

In That Number

A Short Story by Brad OH Inc.

We had all followed along in the steps of those who’d gone before. With so many disparate justifications we’d went on our way, trusting always that the path would show us safely through the darkness. No one could say where we were going… only that we had to keep on; to continue until we’d found what was promised to us.

Now, I held my head high as I marched by them in the red light of the low hanging moon. Even in my most sombre reflections, I had never been able to fully anticipate the depth of this day’s mood. Nor had I ever dreamed as I rose that morning that the sun which burned away my slumber would finally fail to complete its cycle.

On that morning I’d walked among them, all of us equal on the precipice which we had constructed. That seemed like another time now, a forgotten age when our footsteps all fell together, and the joint direction of our path was the shared responsibility of all.

That was before the signal came… before the numbers were given. Now I could see them to either side, reaching and calling as they trailed endlessly off out of sight, into the distance of the world I was now leaving forever. When the march was over, and we had passed out of this place, I knew they would remain. What would be left to them? That was not for me to know.

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