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I’m a lucky woman. I have more loving friends than anyone should be allowed in one lifetime, and my family is a constant joy to me. I couldn’t possibly name all the people who have supported me throughout the development and growth of the Wily Writers project, nor could I single out any one individual, so I’ll just take a moment to toss a blanket of love out to all of you who contributed in some way to the site. Thank you for your time, your encouragement, your knowledge, your wisdom, your generosity, your talent, your tweets, and your love. Quite sincerely, I could not have done it without you.—Angel Leigh McCoy, head editor, Wily Writers


An extra dose of gratitude goes out to Dan Cole, Reagan Wright, and A.J. Thompson. Dan is the talented photographer who took our cover photo. Reagan is our model as well as one of two amazing graphic artists who perfected the image and layout for us. A.J. is the other great talent who did the lion’s share of the layout for the cover.

Please check out their websites:

Dan Cole:

Reagan Wright:

A.J. Thompson:

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