Understanding Dilthey: Hermeneutics

Hercules Bantas

Published by the Reluctant Geek

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Hercules Bantas 2014

Table of Contents

Defining the Human Sciences

Dilthey's Hermeneutics


Dilthey developed a hermeneutic methodology in response to problems that he saw in the human sciences, which include disciplines such as history and economics. The first part of his solution was a form of Kantian epistemology (human beings gain knowledge of the world through their senses) that he linked to historicism. This historically enabled epistemology, he argued, was more appropriate as a foundation for the human sciences because it allowed scientists and researchers to incorporate both subjective and objective data into their work. He then linked hermeneutic methodology to his historical epistemology through the mechanism of interpretation to create a tool that interested individuals could use when studying cultural artifacts - such as written texts - to facilitate their understanding of the author's intended communication.

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