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As regards the number of words, this work is better classified as a short story. As regards the artistic characteristics and the artistic structure, it is better classified as a novelette. Many critics say that the number of words of a novelette is 7,500-17,499 words. The number of words of this work is less than 7,500 words. But I have chosen to classify it as a novelette. I hope that you will enjoy “The Islamic Egypt” regardless of the classification you choose.

The Islamic Egypt

It was an expected day. For years, the Islamic symbols prevailed in Egypt. Women wore hijab in all the Egyptian cities. The mosques were very crowded throughout the day. The Islamic TV channels were in every home. The age of marriage decreased in all the Egyptian cities. The Islamic symbols prevailed all over Egypt.

The Islamic politicians won the elections throughout Egypt. But they were a new and different generation of the Islamic politicians. Many previous Islamic politicians won their popularity through clash with the west. But the new politicians’ project was the Islamic Civilization based on the spiritual Islamic principles and the scientific Western Civilization. The earlier Islamic Civilization respected the scientific Greek, Roman, Persian and Indian Civilizations. And these new politicians respected the scientific Western Civilization. But they believed that the spiritual Islamic principles are the only way to true happiness and internal peace. They believed that all men and women are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. They wanted good for all people and they believed that many westerners could not be blamed for their attitude towards Islam because many Muslims were themselves lawyers against Islam.

The Egyptian Christians knew this new generation very well. They shared in the new government. They had their own courts for their affairs according to their religion. They were not enforced to convert to Islam. They had their religion. They shared in the military service and accordingly they didn’t pay any taxes due to their religion. In the past, non-Muslims paid tax because they didn’t share in the military service. But in the past too, when some Christians shared in the military service, they didn’t pay this tax.

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