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ISBN 978-0-9729191-5-9 (paperback edition)

ISBN 978-1-9358740-5-8 (e-book edition)

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To my family . . .

my mother, Mary Ellen Joyce, the family Poet Laureate, whose love of the written word is infectious, and whose kindness is infinite.

my father, the late Bill Joyce, a gentleman jock, whose work ethic, honesty, fairness, and love of sport set the standard we all try to maintain.

my sister, the late Peggy Joyce, whose spirit is part of everything I do, every day.

my brothers, Bill, Pete and John, who ran beside me when I discarded my training wheels and still run beside me, steadfast and faithful, through thick and thin.

and finally, my lovely wife, Paulette, my best friend, who tolerated all the time I spent on “Jim’s Mistress,” that is, this book and the website that spawned it.

The editor plans to donate fifteen percent of his royalties in equal shares to these fine organizations:

The League of American Bicyclists
Working for a bicycle-friendly America.
Washington, DC

Soldier Ride
An adaptive cycling program providing cycling tours for wounded soldiers and raising public awareness and money for those who have been severely injured.
Jacksonville, FL

The United States Association of Blind Athletes
Providing opportunities for serious competition, including tandem bike racing, for blind and partially sighted athletes.
Colorado Springs, CO

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