Summer Lovin’


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Finally, she had arrived. Veronica looked out of the window of her plane. It was night, so she couldn’t see anything, but she was sure that all the promise of the island of Dildos was somehow veiled behind the dusky night and the ugly, orange airport lights.

She chuckled to herself, remembering the hilarity at which she and her girlfriends had met the name. They were going to have a girl’s holiday on the island of sin, the four of them, but for one boring reason or another, they’d all dropped out, “Dildos 2010” becoming just another in-joke that never really happened.

But that didn’t matter anymore. She, Veronica, had come. It had been too long since she had last felt the throbbing passion of a man devouring her body whole, and no matter what happened, she was going to get it here. Damned right she left her dildo in its regular place in the bedside cabinet back at home in Clapham, London. Besides, who would take a Dildo to Dildos, as so many commentators had smirked to the camera, watching the latest casualty of a good night out.

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