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He was a judge. He didn’t break the law…at least not until he met her.

Judge Grayson Trent never suspected the woman his Aunt Becca hired to handle her funeral arrangements would be the very same woman who has consumed his fantasies from the moment he saw her standing before him in court. He soon discovers she hasn’t changed her ways. Not only is she still ignoring the rules when it suits her, now she’s a target for a murderer. Unless she is the killer herself.

She wasn’t really breaking the law, just bending it a little…and all for a good cause.

Jordan Davis sees nothing wrong in breaking a silly city ordinance, especially when it interferes with her fulfilling the last wishes of her clients. To her Judge Trent is a narrow-minded, overbearing stick in the mud—a very sexy and hot stick in the mud. Until it seems as if he is responsible for several murders. Maybe the hunk of a judge isn’t as law-abiding as she thought. Or maybe they’re both in danger of being the killer’s next victims.


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