The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Copyright 2011, David and Linda Broughton, Smashwords Edition

Original copyright 2008, David and Linda Broughton

Chapter 0


Rose aims carefully, takes a deep breath, let's it half out, then gently squeezes the trigger. Pffft is the only sound the rifle makes with the silencer and sub-sonic rounds. She checks the target with the scope. The target is exactly one hundred and twelve feet out, the precise measurement of the shot she'll have to make.

The fancy black silhouette target shows an orange ring around the bullet holes to make them easily visible. It's two inches low and an inch or so to the left. She adjusts the scope. Pffft. Rose checks again. Oops too much adjustment. Now it's three inches too high and slightly to the right of center. She makes a couple of tiny adjustments. Pfft, right on the nose, actually just above the nose in the case of this man sized target. It's exactly where she aimed, at any rate.

Rose doesn't clean the weapon; she only clears the chamber and drops out the magazine. Cleaning it now would change the zero again ever so much, but she can't have that.

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