The Rabbi and the Vampire

Darren Stein

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Darren Stein

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I was not there when the girl came sprinting past the darkened workshops and tanneries towards the Juden Strase, her feet mercifully numb as they slid and slit against the icy cobble stones beneath them. I would see her injuries later - would mop up the blood that she trailed across the floor from her ravaged soles - would tend to the scratches that had torn across her hands and arms from where he had tried to snatch her.

I could imagine her desperately weaving between the putrid reek of steaming vats, broken crates and rusting mechanical devices like a mouse trying to escape a toying tomcat. The terror which drove her through our little gate, left half-ajar and unguarded due to years of mutual conditioning from those both within and without, must have been incentive indeed. And so, her pretty, blonde hair trailing in the wind, she had run to the only light she could see, and crashed through the door into my grandfather’s synagogue to the mirrored horror of those inside.

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