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With more patience than he’d seen any woman possess, she waited for the door to completely close before turning all her fury on him. Eyes raging, like daggers on fire, she all but exploded.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing, you pompous jerk? Who do you think you are dragging me out here?” The shrill pitch of her voice caused her to stop and take several breaths as she struggled for control.

“Stay calm.” At his statement, her eyes ignited with more anger. “Try and stay calm.” Why the hell did he feel compelled to change his tone and make his statement more of a request than an order? This woman was really doing a number on him.

In an instant, he regretted his decision. Fine dark brows lifted over defiant crystal-blue eyes. She said nothing, stood stiff, her knees dangerously locked in place.

“Let me explain.” Impatience tried to get the best of him. His clenched jaw ached beneath the pressure.

“You do that, Mr. Roark.” She huffed in another breath, her chest rising and falling heavily. “You have to be the most arrogant man I’ve ever met. Tell me, are you for real?”

Taking heavy steps toward her in an attempt to establish his authority, he let his hands fall from his chest to hang by his side, fists taut. “I assure you, Miss Devlin. I’m very real.”

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