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By Kyle Kennedy

A man paces behind his desk in a brightly lit office on the forty second floor. He is yelling angrily into his wireless head set, for his top of the line phone. He is impeccably dressed from his expensive patent leather shoes to his ridiculously overpriced salon hair cut. The view from his forty second floor corner office is breathtaking. The entire city stretched out before him, yet he hasn’t taken the time to appreciate the wondrous sight since the day he got the promotion that gave him this office.

With a heavy hand, the man slams the phone onto the receiver. He sits gruffly on his executive leather chair, releases the top button of his overpriced Italian shirt, and loosens his extravagant silk tie. A brilliant red vein pulsed viciously on his forehead. He hated getting this angry before his lunch. The man violently stabs a button on his desk phones base station.

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