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The Next Sex Game of Stacy and Harold South?

By Ernest Winchester

Copyright 2011 By Ernest Winchester

Mr. South glanced over to the driveway that was beside his house as he approached the modest, one story dwelling. Stacy’s car was not parked there as it usually was, when he arrived home from work. As a grade school teacher, she had the luxury of slightly shorter hours than he had as a social studies teacher at the high school. Though he wondered a bit, he wasn’t overly concerned, she might have been shopping, or perhaps…

He smiled slightly at the thought that she might be off somewhere preparing for the next session of their game. The game that they played every week or two—there was no set date or time. The last time had been a little over a week before, one that had been his turn to orchestrate. Now it was his wife’s turn to devise a scenario that would provide an intense sexual experience for the two of them. When the last game had left her with a faint bruise across the front of her thighs as he had pounded his cock into her while she was spread-eagled, face down over a small table in his classroom, she had sworn she would get even in the next session. He had been quite smug with himself at the execution of that episode and could hardly wait to see what she might think of to top it. They each had a very torrid imagination when it came to sex—certainly not the staid lifestyle that many would attribute to schoolteachers.

It was Friday night, so they would have all evening to play, with no thought of grading papers or other preparations for school the next day. It certainly would be a perfect evening for a lengthy fuck session. With that thought in mind, his cock began to respond. ‘Patience.’ He thought. It shouldn’t be all that eager for he and his wife often had more conventional sex on a regular basis. At three years into married life he liked to think that they were still in their honeymoon phase and they were eager to make it last as long as possible. Could they still be thinking of strange ways of having sex by their twentieth wedding anniversary? And what in the world would they not have tried by then? For now though, there was no reason to confine their sex to the bedroom.

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