Journey to the Center of the Earth 5

"The Trail of Blood and Friendship"

John Pirillo

A Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2014

Chapter One

Interior of the Earth

July 22, 2015

Russ screamed in pain as one of the monsters lashed out and struck his right ribs, searing it with an acidic compound that felt like red hot flames. Wrong move for the monster. Russ kicked it right in the breadbasket, which it apparently had and it doubled over, after which Russ clobbered its head with the stone clutched between his hands.

The Insectoid being's head popped like an over ripe egg splattering both him and the other monsters about him and Everett with green ichors.

"Damnit, Russ, can't your fry your damn eggs elsewhere?" Everett cursed as he swatted a huge hairy arm that was reaching for his throat with his belt, which he was using as a short whip.

The creature cried out in pain in a high pitched wail of terror and loss.

Both men, for the first time, realized that maybe these creatures weren't as unfeeling as they'd first thought.

Russ played his hunch and tripped the creature, shoving its face down with the heel of his right boot, while Everett screamed like a crazy man. The other monsters clasped hairy paws to their ears, which were like open pits in their yellow carapaces, then ran off, making high pitched wailing sounds.

The one beneath Russ's foot tried to break free, but Russ kept it pinned.

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