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Addicted To The Vibrating Chair


Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

Amelia walked in to the furniture store looking for a new bedroom set. Her old one was dilapidated, beat up from too many moves, and she had a tax return burning a hole in her pocket. A new bedroom set would brighten up her master suite and maybe, just maybe, bring back that magic that she and Todd had let slip in the bedroom.

It was nobody’s fault. After three years of living together, they knew all of each other’s tricks. A new bedroom set would, just maybe, inspire them to take their lovemaking to new places, so a new bedroom set was what she was looking for.

Instead, she found The Chair.

The furniture store she’d entered that day was about the sixth or seventh she’d tried. Amelia had very specific tastes in furniture — as in modern only — and this town leaned a little too close to traditional. She was seriously considering just chucking out her old bedroom set to the curb and just functioning on a mattress and box spring directly on the floor, managing hers and Todd’s clothes in artful piles.

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