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Practising Candle Magic


Saga Fire Dragvenaz

Candle Magic Workbook

(Copyright, 2006)

(No Part of this book may be copied or used without permission of the Author)


Candle magic is a great deal of fun for the magus (that is exactly what you become when you start practising candle magic), but it is also something that should not be fooled around with, as it is serious magic. Although you should be having fun while doing your candle magic, remember that it is NEVER a game. You are dealing with real elements and real spirits.

There are a few basic laws / rules that you need to adhere to when doing this kind of magic:

  • NEVER EVER do candle magic, or any other kind of magic for that matter, with evil intent. In magic there is the well-known THREE-FOLD LAW. What you do to others will come right back to you three-fold. So, when you do well, you will receive good things, when you do evil, you will receive evil, three-fold!

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