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Bumps in the Night

By Clark Merchant, All rights reserved

“Get up Billie” whispered his sister Kate. Billie rubbed his eyes and groaned “What is it now?” “Listen, there’s a noise coming from down stairs” Kate replied.

Kate was right. Through the dim lit crack in Billie’s door - across the corridors and down the stairs, was, in fact - an eerie and unfamiliar sound. Kate crawled into Billie’s bed. The pair sat petrified. ‘What could it be?’ They both wondered whilst squeezing the bed sheets tightly under their noses. Kate panicked “Oh, what is it?” “I don’t know Kate” answered Billie “It could be a burglar, or a ghost. Maybe it’s a monster - It seems to be making a ticking sound – Hold on sis, I think I know what it is.” Kate sat up egger to find out what her brother thought “What is it?” She asked. “It’s a night crawler.” Kate curled herself in Billie’s blankets as tightly as she could. “No it isn’t” she said still quivering under the safety of Billie’s bed. “Yes it is” Billie said “You see, they come at night and find children afraid – Then...” Kate was still petrified “Then what?” she asked. “Then they feed of your flesh – It gets worse. They do this by turning you inside out and eating you alive.”

Kate wanted to scream more than anything in the world, but stopped herself in case the night crawler heard them. “Go see” Kate commanded pushing Billie out of his bed. “No I can’t leave you here alone. It might sneak up and get you” said Billie. Billie stopped and thought for a moment. He Leaped to his wardrobe and nearly gave Kate a heart attack. Billie pulled out a completely authentic Zulu spear. He had collected it a year ago when he visited South Africa. “Come on Kate, we’re going to have to kill it” He said holding his spear in one hand and inviting Kate to hold the other. “Are you crazy?” She asked in a heightened whisper. “Come on. It’s this or we let it get us” Billie said convincingly. Kate took Billie’s hand and they stepped into the corridor.

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