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The Resurrection

Of King Tutankhamun

Chapter 1


Living in, San Jose across the Egyptian museum was a girl named Susana. Her father was an archeologist. She wanted to be an archeologist, too. Studying about ancient Egyptian history was her passion. She loved reading books about King Tutankhamun. At night, she thought if she were in Tut's sandals, how challenging her life would have been. It must have been exciting for King Tut to have so much power and money at such a young age.

Her father once brought her an amulet that once belonged to King Tut. While she was browsing through the National Geographic, she found a picture of some Pharaohs wearing a similar amulet around their neck. Since then she too started to wear the amulet around her neck.

Her mother was a biologist. She studied about living things. Susana loved her mom very much. Her mother was the main reason for Susana to get good grades.

Every Saturday, her mom (or dad if he is at home) would take her to the Egyptian museum.

At school, one day during class, her teacher announced that they would be going to an Egyptian museum in Chicago for a field trip. The teacher said to ask their parents for permission to travel. Assuming that her mother will grant consent, Susana started packing her bags and making plans. She did not wish to lose an opportunity such as this to visit the museum.

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