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In this energetic universe and its organic nature of intertwinings of absolutely everything, the ‘ripple effect’ of life is inevitable. The more sensitive we are to this process, the more willing we are to realize the unfolding of our miraculous and serendipitous connections—then the more we are able to trust the universe's continuing alignment and attraction of our good to us.  In Christina Lufkin’s The Ripple Effect: Stories from the Heart, we are encouraged to notice these connections. Christina’s compilation of stories offers us a reminder to be open to everything.”        

~ Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, Founding Minister,

Shiloh Spiritual Center, San Diego, CA.

The Ripple Effect: Stories from the Heart reminds us that we are all connected. The ‘I am a part of you and you are a part of me’. This book shares inspiration through the authors’ stories of how that ripple truly does effect us all . . . as a whole.”

~ Sunny Dawn Johnston, author of

Invoking The Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to

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