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The Urge

Bryan Wolford

Published by Bryan Wolford at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Bryan Wolford

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The cart’s wheel kept squeaking as it was pushed down the aisle of the grocery store.  Numerous items littered the bottom of the cart: bread, eggs, orange juice, cheese, and cereal.  Now Robert was searching for milk.  The last gallon had gone sour, and if he was going to buy more cereal, he’d have to have milk.  He pushed the cart into the dairy aisle and headed straight for the milk.  It seemed odd to that he hadn’t picked it up when he had gotten the cheese, but then again, he hadn’t grabbed the Lucky Charms yet.  He stopped and picked up a gallon of skim milk.  His eyes wandered to the 2% milk.  He shrugged as if to say, “why the hell not?” and put the skim milk back down.  The 2% milk quickly made its way into his cart and he wheeled off into another direction.

He stopped in the candle aisle and grabbed numerous sized scented candles.  Some aerosol room deodorizers were a few shelves over.  Robert picked out five different scents and threw them into the cart.  As he wheeled the cart around to go to the check out counter the wheel let out a loud shriek as if protesting the direction he had just chosen.

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