A TRULY OUTSTANDING BOOK ... Childress has the true novelist's ability to commit himself entirely to the people and events he envisions.” -- James Dickey

“Mark Childress's new fashioned saga is full of delicate electricity and raw power. Hooray for a new talent, not just Southern, but way down deep in the soul of things.” -- Barry Hannah

“Mark Childress is a young novelist who has written a memorable story out of the land and people of the Deep South. . .The ever pres­ent undercurrent of mystical events will probably startle many readers by arousing and bringing forth unfamiliar emotions.... A novel of consider­able merit.” -- Erskine Caldwell

A World Made of Fire is earthy, adroit, moving -- an excellent novel by a writer of great promise and talent.” -- Jesse Hill Ford

AA damned fine story. . . As different voices add their information about the book=s most important event, the Christmas night fire in the Bates house . . . we realize that Childress is working in a time-honored framework: that of the Southern Gothic . . . .A mystery with supernatu­ral undertones. . . Childress has brought his story off with power and good ability. There is more here than story, however. This baby resonates.@ -- Stephen King

“Spellbinding ... Enthralling ... An impressive debut ... A writer of poetic acuity, he evokes the atmosphere of a small Southern town in the early 1990s and brings its inhabitants to life through their colorful, softly cadenced speech. . . . Childress's remarkable command of language -- he uses imagery with sensuous skill -- his sure sense of plot, fueled by mysticism and mystery, and most of all, his beautifully nu­anced depiction of coming of age, will keep readers enthralled.” -- Publishers Weekly

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