The Club Owner’s Troubles

by Lance Edwards

ISBN: 978-1-938897-64-1

A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication

Copyright © 2014, All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One


“Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” My ecstatic cries reverberate around this spacious basement apartment for the first – but certainly not the last – time.

I’m not worried that someone might overhear me masturbating. For one thing I live alone (though that’s about to change) and the few servants have been dismissed for the day. For another my house is quite secluded even on this teeming resort island: set back amid expansive grounds behind a high stone wall and guarded by a state-of-the-art security system. And finally this carefully concealed, rather specialized living space has been soundproofed completely. I could be holding a party for hundreds upstairs and no one would have a clue that anything at all was going on a few meters below their feet. The renovations I’ve been planning for so long have finally been completed.

My name is Dara Dupree, and today is an extremely big day for me – one I’ve been looking forward to my whole life practically. Now that it’s here at last I’ve chosen to celebrate it, and christen this sumptuous, wondrously equipped and hidden alternate universe of mine with a bath and orgasm or three before heading out on my most momentous shopping excursion ever. Lounging in the huge marble tub, immersed in hot, churning, bubbly water up to my admittedly enormous breasts, I’ve finished slowly bathing the spectacular body that first made me rich. Now I’m using a waterproof vibrator to pleasure myself to the kind of climax no man has yet proved capable of giving me. Despite having had so much sex I’ve become intolerably jaded at the young age of twenty-eight, I’ve never found it properly satisfying.

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