Chapter One

Milo was pacing the tiny cell, like he had a million times over the passing centuries. Unknowing where he was, or exactly how long he had been there. He knew they meant to keep him alive though; every night when he awoke there was some sort of tiny caged animal for him to devourer. Sometimes it was a squirrel or a hefty rat whatever his captures could find he supposed. The only thing that kept him sane was the thought of Alexandra. “Soon we will be together again. I know you are alive and well, I know that you are searching. That is why I keep going on and do not sleep for the rest of eternity.” Milo said these words aloud to himself every time he awoke like a prayer that would lead her to him.

Occasionally he would awake to see a bundle next to his captured prey. The bundles typically had a change of clothes. One time there was a comb, a few notebooks, pen and paper to write. Once he figured out the wonder of the pen he was a mad man writing everything he remembered from before he was captured. He would write long letters to Alexandra telling him how much he missed her, how much he loved her. How he wanted to hold her close to him. He also began to draw pictures of her eyes or the emblem over and over again.

Sometimes he could hear music through the walls, some was music he knew from centuries ago. Some was new and strange sounding to him with the electric instruments and the banging of the drums. He didn’t mind though he liked that it blocked out the ear piercing silence. He would dance to the familiar waltzes with his invisible partner, when the new music played he would merely sway back and forth to the beat. “I wonder what Alexandra thinks of this noise? I wonder if she still dances the waltz.” He would think of many questions like this, he would go and write them down. When they were reunited he could ask her what she thought of all this progress.

He never saw the faces of strange persons who kept him hostage. Though he knew Jasper was involved. Several times he called from the cutout they sent bundles through. No one ever answered but from the sounds outside he knew people were there. The only time the door opened was when the new mattress was brought in. He guessed that happened about twenty years ago. He was set to go into a deep sleep; they must have realized he was slumbering when the bundles built up against the little opening. What had seemed like a short time passed. He heard the grinding of stone against stone, he wasn’t sure how long he had slept maybe four days. In the darkness came two figures dressed all in black with masks covering their faces awkwardly carrying a heavy object that he couldn’t quite make out. They dropped their load in the middle of the small prison then continued to go through opening. When they saw that they woke him they sprinted toward the door. He was on his feet to catch after them. They were already pushing the stone door back in place though, but he was able to get a glimpse of what was outside the stone door. He became depressed when all he was able to see was more stone. There was no light or opening visible. He was hoping to see a way out, no such luck it seemed he was in a small prison locked inside of a larger one. Milo was however able to tell that his captures were also vampires by how swiftly they were able to exit the room and put the stone door back in place. He fell into despair fearing there was no way Alexandra would be able to find him. After that nothing large was brought into the room again.

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