Mail Order Brides: New Frontiers


Amy Rollins & Tara McGinnis

Copyright 2014 Amy Rollins & Tara McGinnis

Smashwords Edition

Mail Order Bride: Free At Last In California

Jocelyn had never really expected to get married. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to. Jocelyn wanted nothing more than to settle down with the man of her dreams and celebrate God’s approval of the union with an enormous party, complete with all her favorite foods and a gigantic cake that everyone could share.

However, with the way it was in her small, South Carolina town, Jocelyn knew that if she wanted that kind of life, the kind where she loved a man, he loved her, and they spent the rest of their days together, she’d have to leave.

Good Lord, Jocelyn,” Randy Black hooted as she spurred her horse forward. “Where’d you get a beast strong enough to bear you? Will you breed it? I need some stumps pulled out on my property sooner or later.”

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