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All had gone well.

Or had it?

He couldn’t exactly remember. Such a strange feeling he had. You might be wondering what it feels like to a person who has just had a tiny piece of his heart plucked from his chest. For the baker, it was like a cold emptiness coming from some intangible place deep inside. He couldn’t quite locate it, but when he rubbed his hand over his chest, he could feel the tiny cut left by the blade Clovis had used to open his chest. That’s when the night’s events came back to him clearly and an involuntary shudder passed through him.

A short distance away, a pair of compassionate eyes had been watching the baker, noting all that had happened. They saw the confusion in the eyes of the baker and also the shudder that went through the man’s body. Tears rolled slowly and silently down the kind face of the tinker of Petros.


The Tinker of Petros

Shelley Ballard

Published by UCS PRESS at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 by Shelley Ballard

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