He raised his daughter and four sons on wild game.

He helped build two ranches in the wilderness area.

He was chief pilot for the Bradley Mining Company, general manager for Boise Air Service at the terminal airport in Boise, Idaho, chief pilot for Mackay Bar Corporation, and was chief pilot for S. P. [Scot Patrick] Aircraft in Boise, until his retirement in the fall of 1989.

This book takes you through the adventures of this Idaho mountain pilot. It tells of trials he encountered while trying to make a living in a wilderness state, sometimes flying over mountains that are, in some places, over 11,000 feet high and canyons that are longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

It gives the reader some of the dos and don'ts of mountain flying, an education in itself to the pilot desiring to fly in the mountains for the first time.

Harold Dougal is a veteran of World War II, who served his country in the United States Navy in the amphibious forces aboard LST's [Landing Ship Tank]. He later took his pilot training using the G. I. Bill offered to all discharged veterans after World War II.

He is one of the last remaining pilots from the days of pioneer flying into the back country of the great state of Idaho. At age 86 years young, he's still flying.


In this book, Adventures of an Idaho Mountain Pilot, I have written stories of true life experiences that I had flying the roughest state in the United States. No, not Alaska, but Idaho, that state where most of it stands on end. If you are not familiar with this great state, take a moment and look at a topographical map. I think you'll see what I mean. I have written each story not only to tell about an experience, make good reading to anyone interested in flying, but also to teach others by pointing out lessons that can be learned from my experiences.

From the chapter, the "Walking Stick," states that "the mark of a good pilot is not how many hours the pilot may have in the logbook, but how well that pilot can recover from a bad situation."

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