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Outback Bob: eat your heart out, Crocodile Dundee;

And Mike, for helping me reach the stars.

"Tyler, as far as I’m concerned, the only difference between slitting a man’s throat and swatting a fly is the mess you have on your hands in the end." Nathan closed his eyes and squeezed his right fist in his left hand, as if trying to crush a ripe fruit. "I’ll cut out a little girl’s eyes as easily as you’ll order a drink on the beach in Tahiti. I’ve killed, and I’ve raped, and I’ve stolen, and I’ve done things I won’t even begin to tell you about, and I’ve made money off it all, and you know why? Because people like you need people like me to do things they’re too sane to do. I earn my living doing things nice, decent, civilized people like you can’t bring themselves to do, but things that need to be done just the same. You and I live in two different worlds, two different dimensions. One hour in your world and I’d blow my own head off, just like you’d lose your mind if you had to spend one hour in mine. But I don’t really expect you to understand any of this, because in your sanity you have the arrogance of believing that only you are right, that only your vision of the world, that only your conception of reality, is the correct one. As far as you’re concerned, people like me don’t even deserve to be locked away, let alone treated: all they deserve is to be sent straight to the chair before they hurt someone like you. Except that now you need me, so you have to put all that aside and, as much as it displeases you, you have to trust me to clean up your mess for you, and that simply drives you crazy because it forces you to admit that you don’t have all the answers, that there is room in this world - in your world - for people like me, who do what I do."


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