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FIRST-TIMERS, TWO-TIMERS, AND SECOND CHANCES: Joan Majors is, in her own words, a faithless bragging womanizer. But when she meets sexy first-timer and new divorcee, Annette Martineau, she falls head over high heels in love with her and vows to mend those wicked ways. That’s good news to Annette because if there’s one thing in the world she really can’t stand, it’s a faithless bragging womanizer. Especially one itching to get her in bed.

GIRL TROUBLE by Francine Saint Marie tells the love story and rocky romance of Joan and Annette in five tantalizing tales, including the popular shorts “Dear Joan” and “Another Dear Joan”.


Reviews of GIRL TROUBLE:

WOOD WREN says: “A friend of mine recommended this read. I am usually not into lesbian fiction as the reality of my own life is quite overwhelmingly satisfying anyway, but I am so glad my little Becky gave me this one. This is the story of two remarkable women, in many ways as screwed up as we all are, and the author has hit on the exact right blend of magic to make this a wonderful read. Quick witted, humorous, extremely bright and fast paced, the author address so many of the situations we have all been in, but portrays them in a quirky way that most of us are unable to articulate. I have to admit that this work was even sexy and I enjoyed every word in that area; something not normally my thing. This is an excellent work of two women falling in love and is written as it should be written. I plan to read more of this author.”

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