ELENA says: “FSM's wondrous style makes short reading an entirely new experience. As with all of this author's characters, Joan and Annette have a will of their own, so don't expect to be led on by the writer, rather expect to be taken for a wild ride in a cherry red car by the cheeky Joan Majors. As with all of FSM writing, you'll feel treated as an intelligent reader.”

BROOKE says: “Saint Marie writes in a uniquely charming and witty style that you can't compare to any other writer, of any other genre. Charming, witty, AND sexy! If you haven't read anything by her, you're in for a real treat. I also recommend ‘The Secret Trilogy: Three novels. Two women. One epic love story’.”

KD says: "Girl Trouble follows the story of Joan Majors and Annette Martineau - two incredible women who are also incredibly flawed - as they try to navigate the turbulent waters of 'falling in love'. The author's writing is as sharp, quick, witty, intelligent and real as ever! Francine has, once again, created a world that is so alive and so full that you will quickly lose yourself in the story as she weaves her magic and pulls you in right from the very first word. One heck of a fun read!”



Girl Trouble


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