Northern Exposure

The Divided



Diary entry: 5

Cracking and twisting, my body began reshaping; contorting to its own rhythm; I had lost control of all movements, as it contemptuously did not recognise my brains instructions. Now Left on the outside looking in, all I could do was sit back and be taken on the torturous ride. Agony would have been putting it lightly; the torment which I endured had every single pain receptors in my body flashing on high alert. My screams were futile, as they soon turned to a wet bloody cough. The misty red spray covered my hands as I knelt on all fours coughing towards the floor. My body was breaking down, so it could rebuild itself, into what, I was unsure.

I felt as if the transformation had personified, like a psychopathic serial killer, tearing me apart just for its own amusement. The physical toll my body was going through should have left me for dead, there was no way I should have been alive and this was just the beginning. Could I last any longer? Or would I succumb to the pain and embrace a death that felt so much more appeasing than the agonising changes which occurred. But I was not that lucky, Death would have to wait; the transformation had more in store for me.

I had become a victim; it began moulding me into the images of what the new world perceived. It turned me from the weak into the strong. It peeled away at my vulnerable shell, exposing the beast, welcoming it to the new world and letting it have its first taste of freedom. Physical pain would be inevitable; my new challenges would have to come mentally, would I have the power of control? Or would I let it consume me just as it did the reapers? There was no one who could help me; the reality is that I was on my own. Now left a phenomenon, a terrestrial, an unknown, just like so many unexplained aspects of this New world, I could choose to embrace the beast or lock horns with it, in a constant battle of suppression.

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